Calm of Small Town Charm Combined With the Thrill of Big City Living at the Village of Cecil Woods

Located in the heart of Cecil County, between Elkton and Northeast Maryland, lies a wonderfully quaint, homely community known as the Village of Cecil Woods. This community is just minutes from I-95 and is in proximity to some great cultural, recreation and sports opportunities. If you are looking for a maintenance-free community where you get to experience the calm of small town charm and the thrill of big city living, this is the community to consider.

About the Community

The Village of Cecil Woods is an award-winning community featuring 102 ranch homes starting at $150,000. There are four types of homes to choose from and each home comes with 2 to 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, kitchen, dining and living rooms and den. Optional features for homes include deck or patio, fireplaces, Corian counter-tops and masonry front. Each home has the option of a garage and is situated in some of the most scenic areas in the community. Homes feature high, flat ceilings, large windows that let in plenty of sunlight, large, arched, open spaces, and quality wall-to-wall carpeting. All homes are Energy Star certified to ensure low bill payments.

Amenities at the Community

The community features a clubhouse where residents can enjoy their retirement days and nights with a game of billiards with friends and neighbors or enjoy the peace and quiet of the library. The lounge at the clubhouse is open to all to sit back and unwind with a glass of iced tea or beer and delicious meals can be ordered from the clubhouse kitchen. Exercise enthusiasts can work out to their heart’s content at the fitness center in the clubhouse. The Village of Cecil Woods is a fisherman’s dream community. Some great fishing can be done at the well-stocked pond, at the community and the Chesapeake Bay. Golf enthusiasts do not have to venture far to practice their game as there are three golf courses just 10 minutes away from the community. There are also biking and hiking opportunities available at the community. Residents of this community can also enjoy their days by taking in the splendor of nature around them.

Big city excitement is not far from the community as it is just around the corner from North East. Eclectic shops, eateries and classic architecture along with some great cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, are all for the taking. You will not believe that a county featuring such small town charm can provide the thrill of the big city.

About the Builder

The Village of Cecil Woods is a McKee Group creation. This family-owned company has been building homes for more than 60 years. They are great innovators of active adult community building, and you can be sure of strong, durable homes that are worth every penny.

If you are interested in living at this community, visit ActiveAdultLiving.comĀ® for more information. This is a National Directory that provides you a comprehensive look at more than 6,000 active adult communities in the US, Canada and Mexico. With us to help you, you are sure to find the community and home of your dreams.

Lakewood Ranch Village of Edgewater Homes for Sale

The bounty of unspoiled natural surroundings makes the Edgewater village of Lakewood Ranch a top choice among investors and prospective homeowners. It best exemplifies how an 8,500-acre former timber and pasture land was masterfully transformed into seven prime residential communities in Manatee County, Florida.

The neighborhood cluster of the Edgewater community were built as if to pay homage to Lake Uihlein, a 160-acre pristine body of water from which Florida’s Manatee River watershed has its roots. Blessed with such a location, the five neighborhoods of the community-Pointe, WaterCress, the Cove, the Sound, and the Moorings-are privy to a wellspring of spectacular sunsets and a dazzling natural environment.

Boating and fishing are but only two of the outdoor activities that are easily within reach from Edgewater. All told, the Lakewood Ranch development devoted 3,500 acres not only to preserve Lake Uihlein and its kin but also allotted areas as parks and nature preserves. In the process, the real estate development left a happy imprint of over 150 miles of nature walks and trails, virtually creating a state park within Lakewood Ranch’s embrace.

Living within reach of nature’s unspoiled bounty at Edgewater has been deftly combined with access to modern-day amenities. Readily accessible from all its five neighborhoods are the many business establishments that have set up shops at Lakewood Ranch. These include the clusters of stores, boutiques, shops, and entertainment venues located at the Lakewood Ranch Town Center, Wharf Park, and in a newly built Main Street Lifestyle Center.

Sports, recreational and social activities can be pursued at several golf courses and clubhouses offering such facilities as dining rooms, fitness centers, swimming pools, tennis courts, and outdoor playing fields for soccer, polo, and cricket. Healthcare is provided through Lakewood Ranch’s own modern medical center and facilities for seniors’ well-being. Also within and around Lake Wood Ranch are institutions offering daycare services and schooling for the elementary and middle grades.

Single-family homes, custom estate options, and condominium units at the Moorings are the types of residences available at Edgewater. The single-family houses are Mediterranean in style with choices for builds that are maintenance-free.

The condos in the Moorings consist of 136 units within a 17-acre peninsular site. True to the exclusivity of condo offerings, this Edgewater neighborhood boasts of many amenities within. It has its own private island for recreational activities, an exclusive clubhouse, pool, tiki bar, spa, outdoor grill and gazebo, all of which fittingly complement nature’s beauty and bounty at Edgewater.

Home prices in this development begin at $240,000 for a 1,600 square foot property and can go as high as $750,000 for a 3,000 square foot residence located on the lakefront. If you are looking for some of the best homes in Lakewood ranch that are a great value for price, the village of Edgewater will deliver exactly that.

Why You Must Have a US Bank Account As Non Resident Working Online

Gone are the good old days when we were all living in isolation of one another. Then it did not matter so much what goes on in other places. You were contented with the happenings in your locality. Thanks to the Internet, this is an old gone era. An era we the older generation can remember with nostalgia.

Now not anymore – you are not living in isolation. What goes on in other far lands affects you directly. We are now in a global village, thanks to the Internet and the information age.

In the past, having a bank account in your area of locality was enough. You did not even need a bank account in the next town. But now the reverse is the case.

If you are working online, you can be in one geographical location and be working for a company on the other end. This is all possible due to the internet. You can be living in Europe and be working fro a company in the US.

It now become imperative for you to have a US Bank account in order to get paid faster and cheaply. This is because almost all the Networks or companies you will be working for online are headquartered in the US. If they are going to pay you, it will be via the country’s financial system.

So it is better for you to have your bank account there. If you don’t, the only option to pay you in most cases will be to cut and mail you a check. This can take over 4 weeks to get to you in your country. Plus it has to go back to the US via your local bank for collection. This can take another 4 weeks. In the end you are looking at an interval of 10 weeks just to be able to access the money you have been paid. Plus there are extra financial costs associated with this. And this can easily run into the hundreds per annum. These are monies you could easily have invested in advertisement to even make more online.

If you have a US bank account even as a non resident, it is a breeze to get your payment. You will be paid via the automated clearing house system or direct deposit straight to your US bank account. This takes 2-3 working days to become money in your account, money that you can use for further online promotions to even make more money. Remember the saying that time is money? It is damn true, yes true. Also this form of payment is mostly free. Where you are charged a fee, it will be merely a token, something in the region of $4 – $5 only.

So in explaining the title of this article, you need a US bank account if you are going to be ultra successful online. Otherwise it may just end in frustration for you.

You need a US Bank account to verify your account on eBay, verify your PayPal account, get payment from such Networks as Commission Junction, ClickBank,, and, etc.

So you can see that the importance of a US bank account to a foreigner or non resident can not be over emphasized.

So go for it wherever you can as a non resident