Genuine Culture at Albatera Village

Albatera village lies in the region of Vega Baja in the province of Alicante. Its small population of 9,000 speaks mainly Spanish with a little bit of Catalan. This medium-sized historical site can be reached easily via the Murcia and Alicante airports.

Beautiful views

Albatera visitors will enjoy the beautiful sights of the River Segura just below the spectacular Sierra de Crevillent peaks. A moderate Mediterranean climate with very little rainfall makes this idyllic village a tourist haven most of the year.

When Albatera aligned with Alicante province in 1833, it flourished with its agriculture because the River Segura provided the needed irrigation waters for its crops. Then, pig farming contributed heavily to this village’s economy; now, commerce and industry have overshadowed these traditional activities. Nevertheless, many canals and irrigation channels have been built which form an intricate network around the village’s agricultural space. Lemons, dates and vegetables abound in this area.

Historical discoveries

There have been many artifacts discovered in Albatera which have confirmed pre-historic settlements as far back as the 3rd century BC when the Romans set up the first irrigation channels. In the 5th century, the Arabs took control of Albatera until Alfonso X re-conquered the village in 1266. Then, in1296, the King of Aragon formed his kingdom with Albatera, Cox and Crevillente.

Modern Albatera

Today, Albatera is beautifully covered with lush palm trees lining its wide streets along the famed whitewashed homes. A 1729 parochial church lies at the center of the plaza as a dedication to the famous apostle, Santiago, with an elaborately decorated baroque doorway carved in stone. There is an old casino and town hall in the plaza area as well.

You can behold the great beauty of nature all around Albatera. There are many wetlands, plains and mountains with the municipal park – Park of Orchards comprising 30,000 square meters of beautiful flora, a fountain and a lake with numerous well-marked walking routes.

For those who would like a game of golf, Albatera offers a top quality par course at its Golf and Country Club resort where one can also try their hand at tennis, riding or shooting activities.

Albatera caters to its residents with good Spanish schools to educate its children. It is renowned as a real Spanish town that is steep in traditions, inculcating good Spanish values to all who live there.


Some of the more popular and exciting festivals which are celebrated in Albatera are the St. James festival in July. A Moorish and a Christian festival, the St. James festival is a week-long celebration during which novice bull fighters try their hand at the activity with young bulls. A visitor will enjoy the serenity found in Albatera with sufficient activities and sights to keep occupied.

Relocation Packages – Coming to a Retirement Village Near You?

In all the marketing activities developed by operators of Australian Retirement Village and Aged Care facilities, regardless of the location or style of the facility or the financial capacity of the targeted residents, the concerns of the market segment with the highest potential ROI appear to be consistently ignored, or inadequately addressed.

This is the segment, reportedly growing in size and level of frustration, who have logically accepted the time is right for them to move into a Retirement Village or Aged Care facility, but are reluctant to do so for a combination of financial and logistical reasons. Financially, they can’t sell their current home for the price they believe it is worth, or the “change over” price to facilitate the investment in their retirement accommodation of choice, will require too high a percentage of their current home equity. Logistically, the prospect of having to get organised and prepare the family home for sale, and then relocate the belongings acquired over their lifetime to less spacious accommodation, makes procrastination an acceptable outcome.

No decision continues to be the right decision.

So, instead of the current rush to discount pricing, even if ineffectively disguised such as within the recent ad headline “Prices have been modified to meet market values”, or reworking already confusing DMF options, what is being proposed here is the creation of a “Relocation Package” directed specifically at those potential residents who are mentally ready to make the move to retirement accommodation, but for whom the financial numbers don’t add up, or the logistical problems seem insurmountable.

The Relocation Package I’m proposing, which requires a provider-specific marketable name, would be included at no additional charge in the financial settlement with the new resident, and may include any combination of the following:-

- An independent valuation of the current home to ensure the property goes to market at an achievable price, which also provides the peace of mind the vendors are seeking that they are maximising the proceeds from the sale,
- The services of a professional organiser/ stylist who is experienced with mature age vendors, to not only declutter and tidy the home prior to sale, but with the inclusion of vouchers for furniture and plant hire, ensure the vendor’s property is presented in the most marketable condition and appearance,
- Referral to proven experts in the disposal of personal effects via garage sales, ebay, newspaper ads or charities,
- The services of a specialist relocation expert/removalist for the mature aged, to provide reassurance and take care of all of the logistics of the move such as utilities and change of address activities,
- A genuine reduction on the selling fees negotiated with a choice of prominent Real Estate franchises,
- A genuine reduction on the fees charged by a choice of property conveyancers,
- Vouchers for contractors to take care of painting and garden maintenance.

The contribution by the Retirement Village or Aged Care operator to the cost of a Package such as this will be a relatively small percentage of its perceived value, probably in the range of 25 to 50 cents in the dollar. Every dollar of price discount, or DMF reduction, affects profitability at 100 cents in the dollar, now or in the future.

The persuasive arguments against discount pricing are well documented, but in most market downturns the rush to drop prices, regardless of the long term brand damage at individual operator and industry level, seems irresistible to many.

Therefore the question remains. Are Retirement Village and Aged Care operators wishing to attract new residents better served by applying a margin reduction via a discount headline, or by targeting the specific impediments confronting, and delaying, your prospects?

The effectiveness of the price discount is clearly evident in industry sales statistics. Surely the time is right to commit to a trial of the Relocation Package.

Why Apartments in East Village Are Best to Live In?

East-Village, located in New York is one of the most sought by the visitors after Manhattan. East-Village is the charming neighborhood in central Manhattan and ranked second best place for the apartments in New York City.

It became one of the most famous place for rental apartments during 1960′s when the residents of there were looking for dividing their area of living from the slums in the lower East side and then it started develop its own culture and now it is known as east village.

The Buildings in that areas are predominately older 4-5 story walk-ups. By New York standards, the rent in the East Village is cheaper than the all other areas. Within East Village there are two famous Neighborhoods, including the Alphabet City and the Bowery City. The Apartments of Alphabet city is less expensive than the rest of the Apartments so it’s always better to choose the best which suits you.

It became famous as the artists and writers are moved from expensive Greenwich Apartments to the cheap rental apartments of East village. The rental apartments in the area are also enclave by the young yuppies to live in, as it was considered for the better price on a rental. People used to want to live here because it was trendy. By an increasing number of boutiques and chic eateries that have set up shops here in East-Village, the area has found itself in the path of gentrification. Also East Village is convenient to the New York transportation, shopping 24hrs and all other facilities.

After looking on all the discussed things, you decide the best place for you live in while on vacation or tour.